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Why Turkey is the Best Destination for Hair Transplants

Experiencing hair loss can be disheartening for some, that is until they see the prices most hair transplants go for – then they’re disheartened ‘and’ traumatized. A bonus package and a fun experience all in one.

Would you believe us, however, if we told you that Turkey – one of the leading hair transplant innovators in the world – offers some fantastic deals for FUT or FUE hair transplant procedures? Any research you do will lead you back to Turkey, the most popular choice for foreign hair transplants.

But you might also be asking yourself, “Why is that the case?” On average, around 100 to 500 hair transplant procedures are performed in Turkey each week – with good reason, right? Naturally, the answer is a solid and confident yes.

In fact, Turkey is home to cosmetic surgery of all kinds – face (and body) plastic surgery, dental cosmetics, you name it. Turkey’s medical tourism growth is undeniable and is expected to continue along the same path, thanks to the various reasons we’re about to impart to you!

Lower Costs Overall

Let us compare the prices first and foremost, why don’t we? Your average hair transplant journey in the United States will cost between 9,000 and 20,000 USD alone (similar pricy rates are found in the UK, Canada, and other anglosphere countries), depending on the availability and area you’re in. Sounds disconcerting, does it not?

On the flip side, most hair transplant prices in Turkey range from 1,000 to 5,000 USD max due to the lower labor and living costs. Much more reasonable, is it not? The biggest bonus is that most clinics’ deals cover transportation and hotel stays.

The downside to being cheap is the loosened control over medical personnel and their qualifications in a number of clinics within Turkey. This is a direct result of a lack of supervision from health authorities since the country is focused more on travel income these days.

Luckily, as long as you diligently research the subject well, you can be sure to find licensed, legitimate clinics that practice under strict medical supervision. Moreover, plenty of services are available (such as the Hairline Doctor), which can set up the process of contacting approved medical sources. Turkey, after all, is home to around thirty-five JCI-accredited hair transplant clinics.

Innovations in Technology and Techniques

There exist multiple options for hair transplant procedures in Turkey – be it FUE, FUT, or DHI. The latter is a modified version of the FUE method, as DHI uses specialized “pens” (called Choi Pens), which are implanter needles, making the FUE process easier. The ‘pens’ provide precision, better healing time, and less pain for the patients overall.

Additionally, Turkey has some of the best equipment available, both in terms of reliability and technical innovation. This means that Robotic FUE procedures are widely practiced, offering a significant number of benefits, such as:

  • A Digital Mapping procedure that improves the process of selecting optimal graft sources;

  • Lesser risk of infections, swelling, and irksome pain;

  • Minimized time required for graft harvesting;

  • Minimized damage from the grafting procedure;

  • Less scarring;

  • Faster healing process.

This applies to all high-quality, licensed Turkish clinics. On the ol’ innovation side of things, the country features patented incision and anesthesia methods. The so-called “Sapphire” method involves the use of sapphire blades, resulting in more precise and tiny incisions. Meanwhile, the “Soft’ anesthesia takes needles out of the equation in favor of high-pressure sprays that apply the local anesthetic medication, which slowly spreads through skin tissue and blocks pain signals from being transmitted.

Availability of Veteran Professionals

Let’s face it, people, nobody just goes to another country to get medical procedures done. Said country would need to have a good history of trained professionals in the medical field in question. Oh, wait – that’s precisely why Turkey is often the first result in search engines whenever someone looks up hair transplants.

It’s not ‘just’ about hair transplants here; we’re talking about the whole array of cosmetic procedures – you name them, and Turkey has the experienced and qualified personnel to back those undertakings up.

Before we leave you to make your hair-restorative dream a reality, we would also like to remind you that many services offer excellent deals, not just hooking you up with the right professionals. Like we said before, some of them offer free stays at hotels and provide transportation for you!

While it may sound “too good to be true,” medical tourism is booming in Turkey, so the economy has an advantage in offering great deals; it benefits from the currency exchange, and the previously-mentioned lower living and labor expenses make it a non-problem for all sides.


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